Black Tie: The Wedding Collection

Announcing the Black Tie event, a destination venue for formal wear and all the accessories that go with them. The Studio is proud to be one of the sponsors of this shopping event, and I am introducing the Wedding Collection especially for this event. Comprised of 7 poses, this collection captures all the romance and love of the bride and groom, and I have to admit that when Trinetty came back with the pictures, I might have said “aww” more than once! I hope you love this collection.

Poses are available individually, or as a discounted set of seven in one stand. The pose stand is available to try at the event.

Black Tie is on from August 20th through September 5th here.

oOo Studio Weddings: Besotted

 oOo Studio Weddings: Dearest

 oOo Studio Weddings: Enamored

 oOo Studio Weddings: Bewitched

 oOo Studio Weddings: Entranced

 oOo Studio Weddings:Fairest

 oOo Studio  Weddings: Smitten