Fifty Linden Friday – Week 35

How is it already the end of August? I’m making things for Halloween and looking forward to crisp autumn days that make me think of apple cider and pumpkins and leaves falling to be crunched underfoot. Autumn is my favorite time of the year, and children going back to school (other people’s, obviously!) is the mind trigger for the goodness that is the fall.

Fifty Linden Friday is on starting at midnight (though a little birdie told me that the vendor is already set up) and with the amazing yoga pants available at Blueberry and the sports-theme round of Uber, it seemed perfectly [form] fitting to offer a set of not-your-usual yoga poses. These are designed to show off muscle an strength and highlight your form. Hope you enjoy them, they’re available at the mainstore.

Also, super special thanks to Britain Knave, the amazing woman behind the set where Trin shot this pic. Britain is an SL interior designer who really has an eye for making a space interesting visually, and giving it context within an overall look. She’s saved us more than once, and we’re always thrilled to get to be in her spaces.

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