Wayward Halloween

If you love both surprises and being scared, then the Wayward Halloween event is for you! A ton of amazing creators have put together amazing gachas for the Halloween season. At the Studio I’ve been busting my tail to offer the Gravesite Collection! Available October 16 through Halloween on the 31st.

This collection is 10 items, including 9 unique headstones with 3-4 poses and text you can customize, between 3 and 6 lines! Yes, you can make these headstones say what you’d like! There are all sorts of ways to make each of these look different, so even used in the same graveyard, they’ll look fantastic. There’s one set of mourning poses as a prize item, and two rares.

Shop both the spooky graveyard and the very friendly neighborhood that Jenica has created. It’s amazing!

oOo Studio Gravesite

oOo gravesite key